We are used to working with guidelines – normally it’s brand guidelines about logos and fonts, but for the pharmaceutical sector, its the code of practice that very rightly controls what companies can and can not do in the promotion of their products.

What is the ABPI code?

The Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority (PMCPA) administers The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry’s (ABPI) Code of Practice at arm’s length from the ABPI itself.

The ABPI Code covers the promotion of medicines for prescribing to health professionals and the provision of information to the public about prescription only medicines. The ABPI Code also sets standards for information made available to the public about prescription medicine. Advertising or promoting prescription only medicines to the public is prohibited under the ABPI Code and UK law.

What does is mean for meetings and events?

Specifically for meetings and events, the code is very clear and levels the playing field, but the desire remains to stand out from the competition, to differentiate your product, brand or company from the rest. So, how do you do that, whilst remaining compliant ?

For Bright and the pharma companies we work for the answer is in the delegate experience, its about understanding your delegates and anticipating their needs. Now, we know we can’t lavish them with gifts or fly them first class to the top hotels (if only). So, we zoom in to every last little detail of the meeting, to make sure we’re taking advantage of even the tiniest opportunity to differentiate.

For example, we provide all delegates with a single point of contact, that same person will book travel, will understand delegate’s specific needs from dietary to diary requests and will personally meet and greet delegates at their destination airport. We pay attention to the small details, because we know that’s what really matters.

You might be in a 4 star hotel, but the experience you give your delegates can still be 5 star.

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