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As a world commodity, coffee comes second to oil. Caffeine is, according to New Scientist, the planet’s most popular ‘psychoactive drug’. Wow. Coffee is an important part of our lives here at Bright and we appreciate a good cup. But coffee drinking is no longer that simple – we hit the streets and we’re confronted by choice of chain or independent.

One shot, two shot, syrup flavours… it’s complicated, but it’s also become an experience. I can have my coffee the way I really want it. It’s completely personalised. It’s that element of choice in creating something just for you is what makes turns it from a commodity into an experience. If the barista in Starbucks can actually get your name right on the cup, happy days (I’m happy enough that the sentiment is there).

My local favoured cafe have recently started to make my drink when they see me pull up in the car park – that really makes me smile. The personalisation of the coffee shop experience is a key reason for the ‘affordable luxury’ becoming a mainstay throughout recent tough economic times.

Making something personal has meaning and is highly valued by the customer… so consider this when you’re planning your next event. Go a few steps further than preparing a name badge and checking out dietary requirements. Make something personal and ensure your delegates feel truly special.

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