As the holiday season ends and children return to school, we take a quick look at two summer campaigns about sharing experiences.

Three took an apology style approach, promoting the fact that ‘Three Feel At Home’ allows you to call and text back home and use data, at no extra cost, like you would at home. The apology approach picks up on the huge trend for sharing on social and apologises for allowing their customers the opportunity to share endless holiday snaps and selfies.

In a ‘marketing battle’ style that we’ve seen before, Virgin Holidays responded with ads that read “Don’t be sorry”, telling people that they should take pride in showing off their holiday experiences. It’s good to share!

Two creative executions, one message

There is no right or wrong approach; and both of these campaigns fit with the tone of voice and promotional style each brand has established.

The Virgin response is clever in that it still fits with ‘Unleash your Mojo’, and is not a piggy-back response just for the sake of it.

Encouraging people to share is a good thing. People love to get involved – just look at the 000’s of donations that have been made as part of the #icebucketchallenge!

Sharing experiences

In the events industry we know how people love to share their experiences, which is why we pay close attention to the detail and do everything we can to ensure that delegates attend a meeting, training session or conference that’s truly memorable.

One of the best example’s of this had to be a motivational company conference for 150 in Aviemore, Scotland.

We developed a conference theme in which every delegate climbed a mountain – not a metaphorical one – a real one! The synergy with the client’s objectives were obvious (they had a mountain to climb in their day jobs). By climbing a real mountain we were able to instil a real sense of shared achievement and exhilaration. The activity also gave simple direction for all content and messaging during the business sessions.

We don’t expect everyone will want to climb mountains, but we’ll do everything we can to ensure people will want to share their event experience in the real or digital worlds.