A wonderfully creative christmas party for 1000+ employees at Motion Nightclub in Bristol

“The Christmas party thrown by British engineering firm Dyson puts others to shame with an elaborate design extravaganza. This year's theme was "topsy turvy" and featured a burning hydrant, upside-down living room and a robotic backwards bird.”
The Telegraph

Now in our fourth year of producing and managing the Christmas Party for Dyson, we love working with this wonderfully creative bunch with boundless imagination and energy, you could say a dream client.

The most recent theme was Topsy Turvy, our execution, inspired in equal measure by Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass and Leandro Erlich’s installation art, was based on an upside down, inside out, back to front house.


Logistically and technically a challenge; we needed 18 coaches to collect and return our 1000+ party goers from 22 different locations across 4 counties, a team of 30+ in the kitchens and front of house to prepare and serve the food and structural surveys to ensure the safety of the aerial performers living in our upside down house.

Bespoke audio and video production, costumed performers and custom lighting states all enhanced the theatrical experience on arrival, before the highlight of the night, the prize giving for the most amazing costumes.