A uniting company conference for 150 delegates at The Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh

The supersized artistic collaboration created at the conference is still hanging proudly in the company’s reception, testament to the company’s ability to work together.

A uniting kick-off meeting for a UK-based pharmaceutical company, for 150 people over four days and three nights with delegates arriving on 26 flights from 12 different airports.

Following a far-reaching restructure, the business needed to make a fresh start, establishing new operating units and working practices. But above all, the meeting had to get everyone working together and feeling good about the future – leaving each delegate with an enduring sense that the company is a great place to be.


From the outset it was clear that the people had to come first, so we themed the event around the human side of their work. During the presentations, the directors talked openly and naturally about their backgrounds, ideas and ambitions – this created that all-important personal connection and encouraged a sense of belief and empathy.


To help the teams bond, the meeting had a generous allocation of downtime and opportunities to meet and socialise. The session culminated in a very literal realisation of ‘the bigger picture’ with each delegate asked to paint his or her own canvas. The end result was a bold and striking visual metaphor for the company’s new direction.