A motivational company conference for 150 in Aviemore, Scotland

"There's no doubt in my mind that our conference objectives were not only achieved and exceeded - they were smashed and I could not have asked for a better outcome !”
Managing Director, Daiichi-Sankyo


A sales conference for Daiichi Sankyo, a pharmaceutical company, held over four days and three nights in Aviemore, Scotland. Logistically it involved flying 150 people from the UK and Ireland on 15 flights from eight regional airports.

The client wanted a big idea – a way of motivating their entire sales force and getting them to unite behind the new company sales targets. While continuing to challenge the individual, our client needed to motivate representatives to work together to achieve company targets as well as their own.


In talking to the client during the planning process, it was clear that on previous conferences team building activities had always involved splitting the company into smaller groups. Therefore, we developed a conference theme around a single full day activity in which every delegate climbed a mountain – a real one.


The symbolism and synergy with the client’s objectives were obvious, a simple and powerful direction for all content and messaging during business sessions. By conquering their collective and individual mountains, we were able to instil a real sense of achievement and exhilaration. Together the company had shared a great experience – it added immediate momentum to their sales and it’s still remembered to this day.