A launch of a new haircare range to distributor partners at the Tivoli Victoria Hotel, Portugal

“I thought we would be in a room with a screen and powerpoint and thank goodness it wasn’t! It was really fun, interesting to watch and the fact that it was funny made it all the more engaging, you could see that people were enjoying it.”
Marketing Manager, Distributor Partner


“So let me get this right; you’re launching a new range in 6 weeks, you want a TV studio, in Portugal, and you want 200 people to travel from the UK and Ireland to be your studio audience, oh and a glamorous after party” – we love getting calls like this !


In a fast moving industry, lead times are always short and we all need suppliers we can trust, who can deliver on time, on budget and on brand. Now we’ve selected the venue, mobilised our suppliers and delegate travel arrangements are in place – “tell me about this TV studio again”.

A brave departure from the client’s traditional conferencing format, great care was taken to weave the launch messages imaginatively through the daytime TV show format. We used the typical roving reporter, special guests, ad breaks and satellite link ups to deliver brand, commercial and product messages in innovative, interactive and engaging ways.

Tight deadlines, language barriers and cultural differences are some of the many obstacles you come across working internationally. Thorough preparatory work, well-planned schedules and clear communication keep everyone pulling in the same direction. But all the planning in the world can’t prepare you for every eventuality, to cope with these you need an expert and experienced team used to delivering under pressure.

With ash clouds looming on our penultimate day, we worked through the day and night to minimise the impact. Keeping our client up to speed, in control and ultimately returning all delegates to the UK and Ireland, despite flight cancellations.