Bristol Media

An inspiring 2 day conference for 250+ delegates from the creative industries at Arnolfini in Bristol

“The vision conference was two of the most inspirational days I have ever spent out of the office. The changes we are making to our business as a result are already having a positive impact on our growth and profitability”

Creative Director, Video Production Co, (delegate)

“We couldn’t have done it without Bright, their experience helped to produce creative, engaging and imaginative formats for all the sessions, I’m really pleased to be working with Bright again this year”

General Manager, Bristol Media

Are you prepared to fight for your audiences’ attention? So, what will you do for their money? You’ll need to know the answer because they’re sure to ask and if you’ve not got a good answer they won’t be coming, let alone coming back.

The key to creating engaging content, is beginning with the customer and their needs. Engaging content offers something new: a new perspective, an unexpected laugh, a moment of truth, or something helpful, inspiring, or entertaining, something of value.


The value in this event like so many others was realised by influencing the behaviour of the audience. If it didn’t inspire them to do something different, to make a change, there’s no value.

Keynote presentations from Blair Enns and Michael Grade kicked off each day followed by interactive workshops with Wayne Hemingway and Nic Roope. At any one time there were up to 5 sessions to choose from, across the three venues, including discussion groups, workshops, Q&A sessions, seminars and presentations.

To create the open and interactive environment the event demanded, we selected a ‘campus’ of venues around the city with a reputation for creativity, including a cinema and studio space. The hub of the campus was the city’s Arnolfini, a contemporary white walled gallery. The venues were a perfect blank canvas for our creativity and gave added value to the client’s venue spend.