A distributor partner conference at The Grand Hotel in Reykjavik, Iceland for 210 delegates over four days.

"On behalf of the team I wanted to thank you all for a fantastic four days in Iceland. Sunday was a day we will all be talking about for a long time "

- Sales Manager, Distributor Partner


There are some things you can’t control; the Northern Lights are close to the top of that list but you can plan for every eventuality to ensure that whatever happens the delegate experience is first class.

With a history of being held in resort style properties in hot and sunny locations, our client a newly appointed general manager was keen to break the mould and put his stamp on the annual distributor partner conference. But with only six weeks until the conference, how could we ensure the delegate experience was first class.


Within a week we had a fully functioning registration site online, with rich photographic and video content to build anticipation of the destination and planned activities, social media went crazy as delegates interacted with the site and shared their excitement. Within a second week all delegates had registered and our private charter flight had been booked.

On site activities included dinner at the architecturally stunning Harpa concert hall, a night out in downtown Reykjavik’s restaurants and bars. The highlight was a full day excursion in the most ridiculously awesome super jeeps up to the Langjökull glacier via Gullfoss waterfall, Thingvellir National Park and geysir.


A glamorous bunch we knew a full day in the jeeps climbing glaciers wasn’t their ideal preparation for the traditional last night awards dinner. In advance of the day, delegates were all given branded suit, dress and shoe bags in which they could safely place their outfits and accessories for the big night, 210 of these bags were collected in and returned to delegates in the changing rooms at The Blue Lagoon Spa, where they all enjoyed a relaxing and rejuvenating moonlit spa experience before dressing up for the gala dinner and dancing the night away.

By keeping a close eye on the night sky we were able to stop the coaches on the way back from the party to give delegates the chance to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights – great timing!