An annual roadshow launching the new season’s collection to salons across the UK and Ireland

“ We have worked with Bright for 10 years and they still continue to add value to every event ”
National Education Manager UK & Ireland, Matrix

Over the 6 years we have been managing the roadshow average audiences have increased from 120 to 300 per show, a 250% increase!


How far would you go to see your customers? Would you drive up to Scotland, take the ferry to Ireland, maybe you would go as far as the Isle of Man or do you stick to London and hope that they will all come to you?

High impact, low cost solutions help our client to leverage the reach of a 25 city, roadshow to differentiate their brand, standing out from competitors as a brand committed to doing business with their customers in their own backyards.


Potentially a big drain on your internal resources, we minimise the negative impact of the roadshow, by condensing the activity to five weeks. We put two teams out on the road simultaneously, with each team producing 3 shows per week. Carefully managing the complexity of the journey plan, we are able to run shows back to back, reducing equipment and transport costs, significantly.

In a fast moving sector with seasonal trends, latest product ranges and fierce competition dictating to marketing activity, innovative and fresh formats are essential to stand out against and outsell competitor activity.